Piloted counter bores: $65.95

When boring the stock to accept the aluminum pillars it is easy to get good results every time when using a piloted counterbore.  There are 2 sizes available 9/16 diameter for boring the stocks of Winchesters and Howas and 5/8 diameter for al lRemingtons.  To best fit the holes of the trigger guard screws each counterbore comes with 2 pilots, 9/32 and 5/16 diameters. counterbore


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The best method of thickening epoxy by far is through the use of Fumed Silica.  There are times when bedding a stock that you need the epoxy to stay exactly where you put it.  Fumed silica can be added to Pro-Bed 2000 to such an extent to make the epoxy as thick as dough with absolutely no negative effects on the finished product.  The thixotropic properties of the Fumed Silica allow for ease of mixing with the epoxy.Fumed silica




Mold Release Wax, 1 Pint can $18.95
The mold release agent can make or break a bedding job. Our mold release is a high grade parting compound designed for the composite industry.  It is a Carnauba based wax that is applied and then buffed to a sheen similar to waxing a car.  It is the best product that we have found for this application. When the aerospace industry makes carbon fiber wings and other composite parts they use this stuff to depart their molds.wax_can2

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