Remington 700 Trigger Guard Bedding Blocks



No more damaged finish trying to remove the factory trigger guard from a bedded stock.  No more trying to clean epoxy and mold release from the rough surface of a factory trigger guard.  Our bedding blocks leave the bedded surface of your stock looking as if it just came out of a precision mold.  Because these trigger guards are made extra tall you never have to worry about the factory trigger guard being slightly below the stock’s finished surface and what to do with the epoxy that runs over the top.

$263.95 Complete set Remington 700 Long and short action BDL and Remington 700 ADL

 $122.82  Remington 700 BDL Long action only,  (does not include ADL)

 $122.82  Remington 700 BDL Short action only, (does not include ADL)

$24.95 Remington 700 ADL long or short action

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